Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Haat! Haat! Haat!

A pox upon the term "West Bank", and directly upon the flickering tongues of all who say that a Jew has no place in Judea--are these people nuts? No place in a city of Hebrew name, Jerusalem--are they out of their ever-loving Arabian hookah-pots for a brain? Or Hebron! Who dares sit there to insist that a horde of interloping Arabs have the greater claim just because they rode in all high-humped on their harem of concubines going, "Haat! Haat! Haat!" those armies of Islam invading to steal Palestine from the Byzantines who got it from the Romans, who stole it from the Jew and the Good Samaritan--not to mention the Philistine who is totally so not an Arab, but the only literal "Palestinian" of the bunch. And so it is only reasonable to ask: Is somebody off their nut, here?

Are you kidding? Then who is this that sits here at such an obtuse angle to reality maintaining the amazingly absurd claim that the Jew has no business after all this time to be taking back from that marauding Muslim bandit what he stole? What's the matter with somebody's head, that they should think keeping a stolen thing for around 1500 years makes it any the less stolen than if it had been filched only yesterday? And will they deny the greatest sacrilege conceivable, how they just waltzed in there to build their gaudy looking mosque right over the foundation of the Jewish temple, itself? Migod! How gross does it get? How would you like it if somebody came along and built a McDonald's drive-in over the crumbling ruin of the Alamo, or right on top of your own grampa's grave--you wouldn't like it much, would you. No, and you would be so insulted that you could hardly see straight. And yet, when it happens not to you, but to a Jew? Oh, well then now it's another story, isn't it? So you would be shocked right out of your brand new green plastic backward-billed baseball beanie to hear there is many an Israeli Jew today that would like nothing better than to set a wrecking ball swinging to that garish golden dome, in order that a nice kosher Colonel Sanders Fried Chicken might be erected on the spot, instead?

Don't be shocked. Do not wonder.

Are they out of their ever-loving monkey tree rolling around in the grass with the hyenas that they can't finger a lousy 7th century Arab aggression of Islamic imperialism for what it truly was? And how dare these Arabian Muslims claim to be the people indigenous to that land? Have they a screw loose in the caboose--or is this you that I'm talking to? Well then! Let's just see if we can be frank, very frank, in case you have the stamina to take a little criticism to your world view here, without that your cap should start spinning around on your head as you go off singing a duet with the coo-coo from the clock. Okay?

Fine. I'll tell you what--you can't get that obtuse by being stupid, you have to be deluded, indoctrinated, dogmatized, or which is worse, lobotomized by the Social Science departments in the universities of this day which are on a trip, teaching gullible students that everything was sunshine and roses with the rise of imperial Islam, as it went forth in conquest over the earth. But how could you fall for it in the first place! For on the very face of it, you see the armed aggression, the killing, the subjection of women to the status of slaves--and yet, because you are so trusting by nature, and are given to honor the authority of that person who stands before you in the robes of the academic priesthood, you are given to believe, without question--but ever so weirdly--that Islamic imperial aggression is something good, peaceful, kind and beautiful.

But how does your indoctrinator pull this off? It's easy. He steals the Jewish and Christian thunder by telling you that it's really the Muslim who is wearing the angelic flowing white garment of the martyr, as he shows you the sadly persecuted culture of Islam that has just always been misunderstood by the beastly Judaeo-Christian West, and by this perspective, students in high schools and college are given to understand that to see Islam in any other light is strictly racism!

So now you see everything in a new light so that what was dark is now that light, and what had formerly been down is now "Whassup!" The Naked Emperor is at the top of Mr. Blackwell's "best dressed" list; in this era of Postmodern Academe, there is no such thing as Islamic aggression, there is no such formerly rumored repression of liberty in Islam and all that History had so clearly seen as Muslims rode roughshod through Northern Africa, Asia, the Levant and the Balkans, even to Spain over the backs of women, that was all an hallucination of false interpretation--and besides! Who are we to stand in judgment of the way another culture does things? That is prejudice and bigotry!

And so a contemporary perspective of multiculturalism would see this ongoing mafia-style protection racket within realm and reach of the Umma, this regime of overtaxing every non-Muslim who refuses to convert, okay that would be seen as a thing of rare beauty that till now our own culture has made us too blind to appreciate. You are taught that Islam 'protects' the Jews and Christians under its dominion.

Don't laugh, lest you be not filled with a whole bunch of multicultural admiration and adoration for this faith of Mohammed that not only condemns but persecutes all the other religions of the world, as you are given Islam's excuse that it's only a measure of just retribution, which ought to be very easily understood since we all know what those greedy Jews and blood-drunk Crusader Christians are like! We saw those Christians and what they did upon trying to win the Holy Land back from the cooing, peaceful dove of Islam.

What you are left with, is you can adore the poor persecuted thing of Islam, and you can sort of mother it, stand in front of an Israeli bulldozer and cuddle it to your breast like a poor little lost puppy and while you are doing that, you have utterly the best reason in the world to hate like crazy that Israeli up there in the Cat-bird's seat. And what a surprise to learn, as he throws that thing in gear that the feeling is far more mutual than you could ever have dreamed!

So it gets weird and kind of subliminal and doubly dangerous--especially when the Israeli actually takes the gumption to drive it back into your flattening face like that--had it truly been on purpose. Most likely it wasn't, but in your sight, he was there on purpose on land not his own, so it was on purpose in either case; he is the monster you were told he would be, has always been. You see his every effort of defense an act of retribution in an offense of aggression.

This image of the Israeli as a storm-troop goose-stepping down the Champs Elysées of Gaza's main drag, bulldozing every Egyptian Taco Bell in sight, it so lushly affords the admirer of Islam such a warm and holy love for Muslims, for Palestinians that should never, ever be confused as hatred for that Jew in boots, who is not a "Jew", but a Zionist! Him you are free to hate with every dram of spleen in your guts, as you need listen to precisely none of his claims, such as how he just happens to be engaged in the life and death business for his people of bulldozing an Arab home strictly to get at that arms running tunnel coming up into the house from across the Egyptian border.

But you don't care about the Zionist brats who will be blown to bloody bits by those smuggled explosives, so you stand before that Caterpillar thinking yourself an Angel of Mercy. But you're not. You are a war criminal and a conspirator, a person who prolongs the mass murder of Zionists, and you deserve exactly what that Israeli behind the wheel might as well be none too pleased to give you as you screamed your hatred at him perhaps just one decibel over the limit of his endurance through your bull-horn.

It gets weird because it serves an ancient and primordial drive that is always buried down deep in the human social psyche, just waiting for the right set of insane stimuli to bring it forth in all its scapegoat hunting, blood-sacrifice lusting glory. The magic of stigma, too is so bound up in all this that it can't help being transferred by you from the Israeli to every Jew, and from the evangelical Crusader Christian to the whole tradition of Christendom itself.

So here, once again is your multicultural, postmodern ever so liberal and progressive magic of deniability: As the Palestinian becomes the brightest object of your affection, you have just the excuse you need to hate the piss out of that Israeli Jew, without being identified for an anti-Semite. Ain't that swell? The way you can kid yourself about it?

Sure, that's easy because you have found the go-between who keeps you clean of the crime: you love the Palestinian who murders the Jew, and who hates the Jew for the fact that is a Jew, Israeli or no Israeli, but this will be with every good cause, in your view--and there is nothing so lovable as a good cause, so you love him all the more as he gives you your cause and does his Jew killing by proxy for you, for your cheers and your tears of rage--and all the while you can claim that all this Jew killing and hating has absolutely nothing to do with you.

As you support the so-called Palestinian in her cause, you keep the flame of revolt in Israel a-fire. Without your support for that cause, and your demand for a further partition of what little Israel has, to force Israel to the insanity of going back to those prior pre-1967 indefensible borders, by all this you are calling for the extermination of every Jew within those borders.

The disinformation of outright lies taught as fact is that Jews and Christians under dominion of Islam were well treated! If a student does not get over to the library to check out such stuff for himself, he will never learn what life for a Jew under dominion of Islam was really like, with no protection of recourse through the courts, so that any Muslim who saw fit could walk into that Jew's home or business grab what he liked and walk out with it--and there wasn't a thing in all the Islamic world that Jew could do about it. That's what it was for Jews in Judaea and Galilee under the Ottoman rule until the end of WWI came to change everything.

Now, many professors who are committed to this program of whole-hog Islamic whitewash in their multicultural curriculum never stop to consider what is the nature of the agenda which in the first place gave monster-birth to it, during the Seventies. How did this brand new, perfectly squeaky clean anti-Semitism with deniability come into being, when back in the fifties, support for Israel and liberalism just went together like borscht and sour cream?

As Israel began to move away from the politics of Marxist socialism with the rise of the moshav over the kibbutz, it came to be the Soviet agenda to keep a foothold in the oil-rich Levant by means of infusing a strong dose of socialism into Arab nationalism; it came to arming all of the Arab states surrounding Israel, in order that U.S. influence and presence among the Arabs might be utterly wiped out by blackening the name of Israel and by proxy, the Americans. The old saw just proves itself true every time: Hell hath no Stalinist fury like Mother Russia scorned. To say that from the very beginning with the Soviet ostracism (let alone the latter day assassination) of Trotsky there has always been a malignancy of anti-Semitism in Russia waiting to become a pogrom--it just goes without saying. Israel's early romance with Russia was a marriage made in hell.

The New Left on campus through the 70's and 80's toed the line of the anti-Zionist Soviet agenda, and graduate students steeped in the pink politics of the era are now in tenure as professors all over Euro-American academe. As Israel became the scapegoat for everything that fit the image of the 'petite bourgeois', the hatred against her began to grow as a rank red weed in the garden of modern liberalism, but now as it blooms it is recognized only for the lovely flower of Islam, as the dull, desicated soviet scale covering the bud is lately exfoliated and fallen from view to rot in the ground where it is naught but fertilizer being made all the richer now by the dead agnostic Marxism of Chairman Arafat.

Before all this came to be, during periods of relative peace, many an Arab who so desired it was becoming assimilated (no different than a Mexican-American or Cheyenne-American, or Hawaiian American in the U.S.) to the political culture and prosperity of Israel. Arabs served (as they do yet) in the Israeli Knesset, and opportunity was there in Israel for Arabs as unlike anywhere else in the Levant, or that's how it was getting to be--until they were set upon in the 70's by the terror of doctrinaire soviet-trained Marxist insurgents behind the front of Arab nationalism whose livelihood from a Soviet paycheck depended upon their getting recruits for the manufacture of disorder, death and war.

While the international communist regime that was funding this is now in demise, the zombie organization moves on, undead, simply taking light, sweet Arab oil for its crude vampiric sustenance of life's blood. In like fashion, but much the more fraught with nightmare phantoms of the subliminal, the zombie leftist regime yet walks the earth in the Twilight Zone of postmodern, multicultural Euro-American academe.

And now, I'm talking again to you who would deny all this, speaking of what's the darkest part of this strictly unconscious, socially psychotic thing that you do. You wind up groveling around on the ground fashioning an idol of dirt and stone, to make of base human acquisitiveness an act of piety. Try getting that thought into your head, or just let me illustrate it for you:

It's their land you howl, raising your hands to heaven like some holy roller tumbling in paroxysms of religious ecstasy. And you carry on as though knocking a person off his alleged "ancestral home" is tantamount to murder while you rave on to claim that after the War, Jews could have settled anywhere in the world, other than upon an Arab's land in Israel?

Whoa, slow down there! You jump over Hitler to the end of the war, already? Do please explain why it is so convenient for your dogma, thus to brazenly ignore the illegal, but **necessary** Zionist immigration to Palestine while Auschwitz was yet smoking? Is this in order that you may pretend that Jewish existence did not depend upon running that British blockade? How easy for you to pass over the fact that the doors to the rest of the world were slammed shut in the Jewish face. Thus you also, in like fashion, find it so very easy to wipe from your mind the fact that by the time of the British White Paper of 1939, severely curtailing immigration to Palestine, the lists for emigration to anywhere out of Nazi Europe for Jews were already so long that the war would be over by the time those names came up, so that only the ashes of those Jews would have been available to book passage?

Once again, we hear you saying that everyone has the right to go on living--but not at the expense of your Palestinians who had been living "forever" on that land? I ask you this . . .

Exactly what 'expense' are you talking about? The expense to the Jew was to watch the smoke of his children going up a Nazi stack; it was very life itself, not just some mere nationalist claim to a "Palestinian" sovereignty that had never as yet existed free of Roman, Byzantine, Arabian, Egyptian, Turk and British occupation. The expense to an Arab in that land was next to nothing or merely this: that if he had no title to land and was herding sheep as a nomad or living as a tenant farmer, and a Zionist organization came to buy that land from the Arab, Turk or Syrian lord of it, then that shepherd or that Fellaheen farmer would have to relocate elsewhere on land which also he had no deed or title to.

And the bottom line is this: The Jew did have the right to see his children stay out of the ovens, to exist *at any expense* short of death to somebody else; to the very minor expense of anybody without deed to land, having to find somewhere else to live, lest somebody Jewish should die. For the Bedouin nomadic shepherd, there was no dying involved, and so his claim to that land is the lesser, there was only the expense of finding another place to graze his sheep.

And of course you will say that just as the Native Americans, your Palestinians have today a right to so fiercely fight?

Sure they did, but they lost. They lost after making it their vow to exterminate, to drown in the sea every Jew they could lay hands on, and of that, there is much more to say, as to why, on that account, Israel should never give up the west bank of the Jordan. But just to make it short and sweet, if it had been me instead of a nice, humane fellow like Moshe Dayan running things in '67? Hey, after a threat like that, believe you me, had I been the guy in charge of the IDF, there would not be one Arab tent-flap, camel-hump, or goat-hair still standing in the air around Mt. Zion, and there would be peace for Israel, and for her neighbors with no damn Middle-East crisis to even so much as think about.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Here's Lookin' At-Cha!

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