Sunday, June 08, 2008

By Force of Historical Necessity

And to think there are these days so many who would blame the Jews, if they would fight to save their lives. What is missing from the understanding of all but a few concerning the Zionist migration which led to the triumph of Israel as a Jewish state, is that what arises among a people by necessity of survival cannot be argued against.

For "Palestinian" Arabs and their supporters, the "not in my backyard" argument has no force, as the necessity for one people to keep their lives can be in no way equal to what that Arab is trying to keep in an exclusive title to land. The man who migrates and fights to preserve his life has the more valuable possession to keep and defend, life itself--and he will fight the harder for that, than any man can to keep exclusive claim to a piece of land. Titles to land can change hands, an entitlement to life cannot.

That's just life in a world governed by one immutable and inviolable law: Survival of the Fittest. There is no room in Darwinian necessity for ideals of "fairness" considered over puffs of pipe smoke in an easy chair. One man's rightful claim of exclusive ownership to his own backyard is suddenly made petty and indefensible, the moment that his fence is jumped by a man who does so in order to save his life.

You tell that man to go back over the fence from whence he came and what you've done is to perpetrate the lie that ownership of land is a greater good than ownership of life. Such a liar as that, under a biological code of survival of the fittest will prove himself unworthy, flawed, not strong enough to hold that land against the claim of the other man who will enter it because he must, to save his life. The one man needs the land, the other only wants to keep it.

Necessity rules in the blindfolded, objective sight of Justice. Sometimes there is no force in the argument, it is mine because it is mine, or because daddy gave it to me."
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