Thursday, March 26, 2009

And God Created Brigitte Bardot

She's 73 years old, and still HOT. And what's so hot about her, might you ask? She's hot under the collar, for one thing, having to show up in court now for a fifth time, charged with the crime of hating Islam.

Bardot was busted for something she said in a letter to French President Sarkozy. As a dedicated animal rights addict--excuse please!--'advocate', she was protesting the ritual slaughter of sheep for the Muslim high holiday of Eid-al-Kabir. The letter was sent in 2004 when Sarkozy was yet French Minister of the Interior, and as it was subsequently somehow leaked to the press--now she is being prosecuted and tried for what she said privately, in a letter.

To think of it. To see everything that Orwell would, in view of this, seem to have prophesied for his horror fantasy of totalitarian European government post-1984; that this may now be threatening to have come true, today for France, and tomorrow, why not for the rest of a former "free world"?

The offending language in Brigitte's missive was, to wit, "this population that leads us around by the nose, [and] which destroys our country." Time Magazine

There is another girl by the name of "Brigitte" who also is totally HOT. Her last name is Gabriel and she, a best selling author, is today here in the USA as an immigrant and new American citizen from Lebanon. I hear from her every day in a newsletter. This morning I read this . . .

Dear John,

While Americans are lulled into complacency as to the threat of Islamofascism because there have been no ā€œ9/11ā€™sā€ since 9/11, the kettle that slowly boils the frog to death is heating up around us.

If you take a frog, put it in a kettle of water, and gradually raise the temperature, the frog will, without thinking and without awareness, adjust to the temperature changes until it boils to death. This is THE metaphor for incrementalism.
Any connection between the words "frog" and "French" would be entirely coincidental, and not intended to be understood as being in any way 'significant' or 'prophetic', let alone, least of all, "frog-bashing."

But getting back to the French Brigitte; if all this were not enough to get a free spirit like Bardot hot, after she was already hot and had long been hot, especially in the 1950's and 60's when she was the hottest thing on the international marquee since Theda "Kiss me, my fool" Bara--then consider how trying the whole thing must be for that poor zealot of a prosecutor acting in service of Big Brother, France; Anne de Fonette who has made her feelings plain for the reporters of Time magazine, having said, "I'm a bit tired of trying Madame Bardot," as again according to Time, "she urged the court to impose 'the most striking and remarkable' punishment in the case. A verdict is expected on June 3." Time

Here once again they are saying that Brigitte Bardot "hates Muslims" but how absurd! How can this be, that a lovely little retired sex-kitten like Bardot could 'hate' anything so innocent and defenseless as a religion? What, after no more than five arrests by the French flics, four convictions, four fines and suspended sentences--all this for 'hate'?

Hardly! Such punishment as this can only have been suffered for love, by a French woman--everybody knows!

It is only because Bardot loves France, and loves for France to be France, to stay French and not to be changing into something other, something alien and utterly foreign to French culture and manners.

Where is the 'hate' crime in that?
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